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Factors influencing the quality of laser brazing
- Jan 23, 2018 -

In order to realize the process of "laser welding", a lot of parameters are required to play a role. Compared with other processing methods, the tolerance range of each of the affected parameters in the laser brazing is very small. So demanding is not only decided by the processing requirements of laser brazing itself, such as the small heat affected zone and fast brazing speed, but also because of the complex 3D weld processing and the high surface quality requirements.

The parameters of laser equipment including the laser power, focus position, focus size, processing speed; parameters of brazing wire unique: brazing wire feed speed, preheating current, brazing wire size, impact angle of prestressed wire; geometric parameters: welding plate gap, requirements of the weld surface, surface quality; other effects: welding sheet material protection, gas, guiding accuracy of robot.