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On-site detection of finned tube
- Aug 05, 2017 -

1. Measuring the delay time t of the acoustic wave monitor emitted to the receiving system before the field test and calculating the corrected value of the sound. 2. The transmitting and receiving probes shall be synchronized and lowered at the same elevation or with a fixed high difference at the time of measurement.
3. The measurement point is 40cm and then encrypted to 20cm when an exception is found.
4. Select the appropriate transmitter voltage and amplifier gain, and then test the process remains unchanged.
5. Display and record the time-history curve of receiving signal.
6. The multi-fin tube is combined with two root as a detection section, and the detection of multiple sections is completed respectively.
7. After each test tube is completed, the test point should be randomly repeated sampling 10%, the relative standard deviation of the sound should not be greater than 5%, and the amplitude relative standard difference should not be greater than 10%.