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Performance of elliptic finned tubes
- Aug 05, 2017 -

(1) compared with the tube finned tube, elliptical fin tube is easier to achieve compact layout, so that the overall volume of the heat exchanger decreases, thus reducing the footprint.
(2) Because of the elliptical fin tube shape characteristic, the air side resistance is small, the fluid heat transfer coefficient increases, the tube heat resistance is relatively small, increases the heat transfer in the tube fluid.
(3) The heat transfer area of elliptical fin tube is larger than that of the same cross-sectional area, which is because the heat conduction around the elliptical tube is long under the same cross-sectional area.
(4) Elliptical fin tube is the most commonly used rectangular steel fin, high strength, the base tube in winter should not be frozen crack, long service life.
(5) because the oval fin tube can be more compact arrangement, the front row tube to the rear row's influence is bigger, may increase the rear tube's fin spacing, reduces the tube outflow resistance, but the tube row number is unfavorable too big.