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Principle of fin tube heat exchanger——Jiaozuo Shijia
- Dec 13, 2017 -

    The working principle of the fin tube heat exchanger is from the heat transfer mechanism, and the fin tube heat exchanger is still attributed to the shoulder arm heat exchanger.

    It's main feature is that it has the second heat transfer surface (fins),so the heat transfer process is not only carried out on a heat transfer surface (diaphragm), but also on the second heat transfer surface.

    In addition the quantity of heat at the high side medium transferred to the low temperature side, there are some heat along the height of the fins. That is to say, along the height of the fin, the baffle will pour into the heat, and then heat the convection to the low temperature side.

    Because the height of the fin is much more than the thickness of the fin, the heat conduction along the fin is similar to the heat conduction of a homogeneous and slender guide. At the moment, the heat resistance of the fin can not be ignored.

    The temperature at the two ends of the fin is the highest, which is equal to the partition temperature. With the convective heat release from the fins and the medium, the temperature continues to decrease until the medium temperature in the middle part of the fin.