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Selection of fin-tube spacing and slice distance
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Fin Tube heat exchanger spacing and the height of the film is mainly affected by the ratio of fin, fin and tube inside and outside the membrane heat transfer coefficient has a great relationship, if the tube inside and outside the membrane heat transfer coefficient is larger, should choose to fin larger fin tube, such as steam heating air. When the side medium exists phase change, the difference of heat transfer coefficient will be larger, such as the exchange of hot and cold air, when the heat air is lowered to the dew point, the finned tube heat exchanger can be used.

In the absence of phase change air and air heat transfer, or water and water heat exchange, usually in the bare tube is more suitable, of course, can also be used low fin tube, because at this time belong to the weak heat coefficient, to strengthen any side of which is a certain effect, however, too large the effect of the fin is not obvious, the best internal and external contact area at the same time to strengthen the pipe can be threaded or groove tube.