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The more the fins are, the better? Or the higher, the better?
- Jan 21, 2018 -

The more the fins are, the better, not the better, the reason is as follows:

1. when the heat transfer area of the fin is doubled, the heat transfer coefficient can not be doubled. Instead, a discount should be made, generally (0.9---0.7), and the higher the fin, the greater the discount will be, even below 0.5. This shows that the higher the fin, the lower the fin efficiency, and the increase in the economy of the fins.

2.the fin too dense, easy to produce dust, and hard ash.

3.Fin too dense, will increase the complexity of process, improve the processing cost.

For a 1 meter long tube, the total heat transfer area after adding fins is A. The area of the bare tube is A0 when the fins are not added. A/A0 is the multiple of the area enlargement. It is called "wing to chemistry ratio". It should be determined by the application conditions and the optimum design by choosing the most suitable winged ratio. Generally, the fin tube used in energy engineering has the ratio of wing to 5---12, while in air conditioning and air cooling industry, its wing ratio is between 15 and 22.