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Type of industrial air cooler
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Three kinds of air cooler are generally divided into oblique top type, air draft type and air blast air cooler.

  1. Cable-stayed air cooler

    The tube is placed in a human shape, and the fan is placed in the center of the space below the tube bundle. Small area, compact structure, small pressure drop in tube, and usually combined with vertical tube bundles for dry, wet and air cooling.

  2. Air cooling air cooler

    The fan is located on the upper part of the heat exchanger system, and the fan and air duct can reduce the direct influence of storm and scorching day on the tube bundle, reduce the hot air recirculation, low noise, uniform air distribution and low air pressure drop.

  3. Air cooling air cooler

    The fan is positioned on the lower heat exchange system; fan motor at low temperature, the system compared to other types of air cooler is more suitable to process medium high temperature, low power consumption, long service life; the shutters set so that the air cooler by sunlight, ice and snow showers, the influence of wind machine, small; the motor of the fan is convenient for daily maintenance, maintenance etc..