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Characteristics Of V-type High Frequency Welded Fin Tube With Open Teeth
- Aug 05, 2017 -

V-type Open high frequency welded finned tube is a type of high-frequency welded finned tube According to the different product form, from the structure, it is an axisymmetric single row longitudinal rib fin, simple structure makes the product is also relatively convenient, relative to other forms of finned tube, its relative rib ratio is relatively low, so it is not easy to accumulate ash, so the heat transfer efficiency is higher.

If the V-type high frequency welded fin tube of the fins made of unequal, also greatly reduced the rear fin height, so that the possibility of ash deposition further reduced, to a greater extent, to ensure the best heat transfer effect of finned tube, and at present, the V-type high frequency welded fin tube has been used in heat exchangers, and has achieved satisfactory use of the effect of heat exchanger to become an ideal choice for heat transfer elements.

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