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Inlaid Spiral Fin Processing
- Aug 05, 2017 -

The inlaid spiral finned tube is a spiral groove with a certain width and depth machined on the steel tube. Then in the lathe on the steel strip inlaid in the steel pipe, in the winding process, due to a certain preload, the steel belt will be tightly in the spiral groove, so as to ensure that the steel belt and the steel pipe have a certain contact area, in order to prevent the steel rebound fall off, the ends of the steel belt should be welded on the steel pipe, in order to facilitate inlay, the steel belt and the spiral groove should have a certain backlash, if the backlash is too small, forming interference, then the mosaic process is difficult to proceed smoothly.

In addition, the winding steel belt will always have a certain rebound, the result of the steel belt and spiral groove bottom surface can not be very good bonding, mosaic fin can be carried out on the general equipment, the cost is not high, but the process of complex production efficiency is low.