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Market Prospect Of Steel Finned Tube
- Aug 05, 2017 -

    Steel FIN tube status irreplaceable at present, steel fin tube market prospect is very broad, steel fin tube advantage lies in its relatively environmental protection, and the cost is relatively low, the corresponding market price is also low, can be accepted by the general public.

    Although the current market is emerging and gradually promote the performance of copper and aluminum composite products is superior, but after all, copper for non-ferrous metals, by the National macro-control policy, the price floating large, resulting in copper and aluminum composite fin tube cost is too high, most consumers can not afford.

    Such products can only be produced for a certain class of consumer groups, can only occupy a small market, and can not reach the ultimate popularization, and according to the heating principle of copper-aluminum composite fin tube, the heating quality of our country is generally not high, and to a certain extent affect the function of copper and aluminum composite fin tube.