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The Double Metal Fin Tube Is Different.
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Double metal fin tube refers to two kinds of different metal materials made of composite fin tube, can also be copper tubes, aluminum tubes, steel tubes or stainless steel pipe used in conjunction. Because the two metals can cooperate with each other, it avoids the defect that only one metal exists.

Many of the traditional finned tubes have defects that can not be welded, but this bimetallic fin tube is different, even if the welding will not affect the use of effect, from the appearance of structure, bimetal fin tube is alloy design, the quality is very light, but it will not affect its heat transfer performance, or even better.

And this fin tube heat dissipation area is larger, make its service life will also be prolonged, in addition, this fin tube for the temperature has a better control capacity, and not easy to accumulate dust and garbage, favored by the vast number of users.